Advocating for your child

At HEARO, we recognise that we don’t live in a fully inclusive world. Access to special health and education services and resources has limitations for some families. However, it is the voice of individuals in a community that can influence better health and service outcomes.

Representing your child’s best interests by advocating for them within medical, educational, NDIS and other arenas will help decision-makers who are not close to the needs of your family gain a new perspective.

In our experience, this is especially true in the Preschool and Primary School years.

Children advocating for themselves

As your child grows, they will take on your confidence and start advocating for themselves, particularly in the High School years.

The capacity to advocate comes from a combination of factors – being well-informed, being listened to and being involved in decision-making – all pillars of the HEARO model.

Ultimately, we’ve seen empowered parents lead to confident children who grow up to be young adults that inspire a more inclusive society. We have in us the potential to be the change we want to see.

We’re also here to help.

If you need advice or support with advocacy, reach out to us.

Useful links

Advocating for your child by Aussie Deaf Kids is one of the most useful links to help you on your advocacy journey.

Here is another link with an advocacy focus:

Further information

At HEARO, we’re always looking for ways to continuously improve our service.

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