Communication Journey

The start of a communication journey

When you discover that your child has a hearing loss, your whole family is about to go on a journey together.

For many hearing parents, this discovery is their first experience of hearing loss. They often ask themselves, ‘How will my child communicate from here on?’

This is an empowering question that opens the doors to your child being able to confidently navigate their world.

What families (really) need

In our experience, families need access to balanced information to make informed decisions  throughout their child’s development. This is where we can help.

Your decision-making is not based on a ‘once-shoe-fits-all’ scenario.

A child with hearing loss moves through an evolving ‘Communication Journey’. A journey that needs empowering and flexible support through different phases of their development. At key stages, a child’s experience will also need reassessment.

We are here to provide that support and help navigate that journey with you.

How we help

Family Support

Providing tailored support for every stage of your child’s unique communication journey

Parent to Parent Mentor Program

A unique program that pairs new parents of children with hearing loss with more experienced parents

Useful links

Language and communication by Aussie Deaf Kids is one of the most useful links to help you at the start of your Communication Journey.

Further information

At HEARO, we’re always looking for ways to continuously improve our service.

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