We help children who are deaf or hard of hearing thrive through every stage of life

Early Intervention and Preschool
Primary School
High School and Beyond

Who we are

HEARO is a support service that has been co-created with families to help every child with hearing loss live their best life.

If you’ve just found out your child has a hearing loss, you are about to embark on a journey of discovery together. That journey is different for every family and changes as your child goes through different ages and stages of life.

How we help

When your child advances from infancy to adolescence and young adulthood, they experience many physical, social and emotional changes. The HEARO approach is to provide relevant information and support tailored to your child’s evolving development and communication needs.

At which stage is your child?

Early Intervention and Preschool

Early action sets a strong foundation for your child’s ability to thrive through every stage of life

Primary School

Empowering kids increases their opportunity to learn, broaden their interests and develop important social skills

High School and Beyond

An exciting period of growing independence filled with many new people, responsibilities, and experiences

Family Support

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Parent to parent mentor program

HEARO exists not only to help children who are deaf or hard of hearing but their families as well. When you discover your child has a hearing loss, you can feel isolated and alone.

That’s why we developed the Parent to Parent Mentor Program – to pair new parents of children with hearing loss with more experienced parents.

It’s an opportunity to share your story, seek help and learn from a parent further along the journey.

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