Developing Community

If you’ve just found out that your newborn has a hearing loss, it could feel like your world has been turned upside down.

In reality, you’ve just become part of a vibrant community of families of children with hearing loss who share common experiences and offer each other incredible support.

There are parent groups, play groups, story times and many activities for you and your child to be part of. Developing your community will not only give you support and confidence, it will provide rich social and linguistic experiences for your child.

How we help

We believe in the power of the African proverb for all children especially those impacted by hearing loss, ‘A village raises a child’.

When you contact our team, we will connect you to a network that will begin the journey of developing community around your family. Our Family Engagement Coordinator can put you in touch with the most relevant groups and services based on your circumstances.

Our Parent to Parent Mentor Program will link you with a parent that is further along the journey. Parent mentors are specifically chosen on the nature of your child’s hearing loss, and your family’s cultural background.

We aim to ensure that you find the community networks that suit your family best. We also recommend visiting Early Intervention Centres with play and parent groups.

To begin the journey of developing your community, connect with our team today.

Useful links

Here are some further links with a community development focus:

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