About Us

Who we are

HEARO is an online support service and parent mentor program that has been co-created with families to help every child with hearing loss live their best life.

Our extensive research into people’s stories and real-life experiences identified that tailored support at every stage of a child’s journey can make all the difference.

What families need

Our research highlighted that families of children with hearing loss need parents who are empowered to make the best decision for their child. And those decisions don’t occur once, they occur many times as parents work with different professionals across a child’s evolving communication and life journey.

The benefits of the HEARO approach

Informed decision making
Shared decision making
Family-centred approach
Supports communication and life journey

Our HEARO team

That’s why we created HEARO.

We are a small and growing team that focuses on a family-centred approach to help children with hearing loss thrive
through every stage of life

We do this by empowering families with balanced information, peer-to-peer mentoring and connection to relevant community and services.

Some of the services we offer

Family Support

Providing tailored support for every stage of your child’s unique communication and life journey

Parent to Parent Mentor Service

A unique program that pairs new parents of children with hearing loss with more experienced parents

At HEARO, we’re always looking for ways to continuously improve our service.

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